Sending email marketing campaigns.

Sending email marketing campaigns.

Take advantage of everything our email marketing platform can bring to your business. Email marketing is one of the channels with the highest return for every euro invested and an excellent way to increase your conversion
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Schedule your shipments

Schedule your emailings for the date and time of your choice. Receive check-in confirmation when your email marketing campaign is over.

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Share on Social Networks

You will be able to share the results of your email marketing campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and in your RSS feed for a 360 strategy.

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Campaign history

Access to the log of all your campaigns, results dashboard and detailed reports.

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Automatically send campaigns every time you add new content to your website/blog


Easily manage your contacts’ responses. You can reply and review all conversations with your subscribers without having to use your email client.

Customize your subject

Most users decide whether to open an email based solely on the subject. Use custom fields (first name, last name, etc.) or emojis within your subject and increase your open rate.

Optimized delivery rate

Easymailing deploys several resources to deliver your emails to the inbox.

Ico improved

Improved delivery

Thanks to this technology, Easymailing analyzes each of the emailings sent, and optimizes the sending of all the emails using rules.

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All our emails are authenticated with DKIM providing maximum security and favouring the reputation of our IPs.

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The SPF protocol prevents the counterfeiting of email addresses, strengthening the user’s security against spamming and electronic fraud.

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Kubernetes Technology

We use kubernetes to always ensure the availability of our platform.