Email Marketing automation

Automate your marketing processes and multiply return on investment

Easymailing’s automated marketing tool helps you send relevant communications at the right time. Speed up your submissions and create experiences by increasing effectiveness and results based on the interactions they have with your campaigns.
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Create emailing flows based on your subscriber's behavior and data

Provides subscribers with a unique user experience. Our email automation editor is super intuitive and helps anyone to create and automate in minutes. Save time and improve your marketing actions!

Easily add conditions to your marketing automation flows

Define the email sequence by segmenting and personalizing your messages according to the behavior of your contacts and the information you have about them.

Monitor the behavior of your contacts in your emails

Has your contact opened the email and clicked on a certain link? Use your subscriber behavior data to identify the most interested users and segment your mailing campaigns.

Condition your sending using your contacts' details

The Easymailing automation tool automatically segments your emails based on your subscriber information. This will help you send exactly what your subscribers want to see, and in a much more personalized way.

Follow-up and results improvement

Now you can view reports and monitor your subscribers’ interaction with your emails in real time. All the information you need to improve important metrics such as clicks, conversion and opening rates!