Lead magnet automation sequence


How to get your recipients to subscribe to your subscription list? This sequence of
emails is perfect for promoting your business, offering added value and
gaining new subscribers.

The best way to attract leads is through lead magnets, offering them valuable content, such as offers, ebooks or tutorials, or in short, any other service that attracts your recipients so
that they are willing to give you their contact information.

In addition, this automation sequence has the added benefit of helping you build
a positive relationship with your subscribers.

This is how we created this sequence with the Easymailing automation tool:

Flujo automatización de Lead magnet


The lead magnet automation flow is activated when a contact subscribes to a form dedicated to the content offer, so you should create one beforehand in your audience. Content offers
are usually sent immediately, without delay. In this way, the readers can immediately enjoy the content they have requested.
Want to know how to create a form?

How to create a lead magnet automation?

  1. Create a new scenario, give it a title e.g. “Content offer” and select the audience where you have the form dedicated to your content offer.
  2. Select  Contact Activity > Completed Form as a trigger
    You must have a subscription form posted in your audience.
    Want to know how to create a form?
  3. Add an “email” with the content offer and complete the rest of the fields. Pay special attention to the email subject and preheader.
    Select the template and upload the download document to the Easymailing file manager and click on save.

Optional: You can send a new emailing after some time to ask for a feedback on the content.

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