Professional designs

Create your professional-looking newsletters without digital knowledge

Easymailing has email marketing templates, to design your newsletters in a completely professional way. They adapt to all browsers and you don’t need to know anything about design or programming.
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Ilustración diseños profesionales

Intuitive drag & drop editor

Easymailing includes a powerful template editor to create newsletters easily. You can customize everything you need to improve the visual appearance of your newsletters.

Editor de plantillas

Design is the main element of a professional email marketing newsletter. You will be able to include links and specify what type of action will be taken when the user interacts with an element of the message (open web page, make a call, start a purchase, etc.)

With the slit system you can calculate the distribution of the elements to achieve the most effectiveness with your newsletter.

  • Just click and drag. You don’t need programming or design knowledge.
  • Control all the details with the complete toolbox.
  • Responsive system. View how your template will be displayed on your computer and mobile.
  • Make test emailings to see how your newsletters will arrive.

Customize your messages

Customize your emails using a complete system of tags and custom fields. Strengthen the relationship with your contact and generate engagement by sending them messages aimed especially at them. Be friends with your client, earn their trust and they will never leave you!

File Manager

Upload and manage your own files from within the platform. Build your own library for later campaigns. Access them quickly through the search engine Adding your own resources to emails will not take more than a few minutes!

Image Editor

The visual aspect is critical to a successful campaign! With our image editor you can tweak the images to your liking. Add all kinds of filters, frames and stickers, insert frames and draw shapes. Adjust the size to suit the needs of your email. The only limit is your imagination.

Icono filtros


Icono escalar


Icono recortar


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Editor de imágenes

Templates designed to increase your conversions

If you want to increase your website conversions, you should explore our amazing collection of templates. They are free and 100% customizable! They are designed to make your emails attractive and effective. Fits all devices. It doesn’t matter if you have no design or programming skills.

Icono diseñadores profesionales

Professional Designers

We offer design services. Order us a professional template fully compatible with our editor!

Icono solicitudes de diseño

Outsource the design of your templates

Advanced module of «Design requests» with which you can invite an external collaborator to perform the template for you. The partner will submit proposals to you and you only have to validate them from Easymailing.

Plantillas de email

Import your own template or create one from scratch

If you prefer, you can import your own template or create one from scratch by pasting your own code.