Subscription Anniversary Email Automation


As its name suggests, this email is sent to celebrate “X years”since the user first interacted with our brand. We can commemorate the date of the first time the user used our services, purchased our products or simply subscribed to our newsletter. Beyond the type of anniversary we remember, what is important are the reasons that lead us to send this email.

The main function of the brand anniversary email is to thank the user for their trust over time, and to remind them that we are still here. In this way, we will not only be at the top of mind of our subscribers, but we will also be building loyalty and making them feel that they are special and important to us.

Another of its great advantages is that this email can be used to generate engagement and transactions, especially if you add an incentive such as a discount or a special offer.

Want to know how to create a subscription anniversary sequence?

Flujo automatización aniversario de suscripción


This automation is activated on the anniversary of a contact’s subscription to an audience.

How to create a subscription anniversary automation?

  1. Create a new scenario, give it a title e.g. “Anniversary subscription” and select the audience.
  2. Select as trigger Dates and special events > Anniversary of subscription date.

Add an “email” and complete the rest of the fields. Pay special attention to the email subject and preheader.
Select the template and click on save.

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