Automatic birthday greeting email


We all like to be reminded of our birthday! If you want to build a good relationship with your customers and also generate conversions, this type of email cannot be missing in your email automations.

When you congratulate your customers on this special day, you remind them that they are important to you.
This detail will make them have a good image of your brand placing it in their top of mind when making purchasing decisions.

What if you also include a gift in the form of a discount coupon, promotion or special offer?
In addition to building user loyalty, you will be one step closer to achieving a conversion.

We propose the following scenario for your automatic birthday e-mails

Flujo felicitación de cumpleaños automatico


This automation is triggered on the anniversary of a subscriber’s birth date. In order to start this flow you must first create a custom “Birthday” field in your audience.
Want to know how to create custom fields?

How to create an automated birthday greeting?

  1. Create a new scenario, give it a title such as “Birthday” and select the audience.
  2. Select as trigger Special dates and events > Anniversary
  3. Select the previously created date field from the drop-down list.

Add an “email” and complete the rest of the fields. Customize your message by using the “name” custom field to address the reader in a more personal way. Pay special attention to the email subject and preheader.
Select the template and click on save.

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