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Improve your email marketing campaigns with Easymailing

Generate conversions, maximize the profitability of your email campaigns and take your business to the next level with our powerful and intuitive email marketing tool.
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Use our drag & drop template editor and create professional email layouts in just a few steps

Use our email marketing templates and drag & drop editor to create and design your newsletters.
Change text, add images and buttons, intuitively drag and drop items in minutes.
Edit images and get the visual effect your email marketing campaigns need to generate conversions.


Manage and organize your contacts easily through segments and groups

Manage your database efficiently and enjoy the benefits of advanced segmentation offered by Easymailing.
Get to know your audience better and add personalized fields in your communications to make them much more attractive and impactful.
Send each subscriber only the information that interests them and build customer loyalty with more effective marketing strategies.


Send your email marketing campaigns and optimize delivery rate

Make sure your campaigns reach your subscribers’ inboxes with our emailing features.
Schedule the date and time of your emailing and receive confirmation of arrival when your email marketing campaign has been completed.
Use custom fields in the subject line of your emails and improve the opening rate of your campaigns.


Analyze the metrics of your email marketing campaigns and improve results

Monitor the performance of your campaigns to find what works best for your business and improve your results.
Compare clicks, opening rates, bounces and unsubscribes and analyze the responsiveness of your messages.
Use subscriber activity information and our detailed reports to maximize your future campaigns.