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Did you know that a good lead base is one of a company’s main assets? Discover how much Easymailing can do for your contact portfolio.
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Gestión de contactos

Organize your contacts by groups

Groups are labels or categories with which you can organize and classify your subscribers visually within your audiences.
You can export or segment them and send campaigns to one or more groups.

Add custom fields

Segment your database with custom fields. Specify the type of field to be included in your database, its level of importance and write the text that will accompany it. You can create multiple types of fields: text, date, numeric, drop-down or language among many other options.

Advanced targeting

Define the target of your campaigns with maximum precision. Segment by geolocation, activities, gender, preferences, subscription origin, consent, etc. Easymailing helps you qualify your contacts to improve your conversion rate and obtain maximum benefits.

  • Send to each subscriber only the information that is of interest to him or her
  • Build subscriber loyalty
  • Customize your marketing strategy for better results

Analyze your contacts

Easymailing helps you identify and analyze your subscribers’ information. This way you can define and customize more effective marketing strategies.

Icono Actividad del suscriptor

Subscriber activity

Knowing what your subscriber does is essential to analyze your audience. You will find out about their routines, interests and concerns through Easymailing’s detailed profiles, which will help you to improve your campaigns.

Icono rating

Subscriber Rating

What cannot be measured cannot be improved. Individual click-through rate and open rate to measure the effectiveness of your campaign. The classic and essential metrics of email marketing at a glance.

Icono notas privadas

Private Notes

Write down all the details you consider relevant about a user: incidents, observations, tasks you need to remember. Relationships of trust and of long term with customers.

Icono geolocalización

Geolocation and language

Identify your targets by location. You will always know where your subscribers opened the email and what their language is.

Icono cliente de correo

Customer email and devices

With which email client was your campaign opened? From what device? Design your message to bypass spam filters.

Icono exporta tus contactos

Export your contacts

Manage your audiences and export them to an excel file. This way, you can analyze the details and import into other tools.