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Ilustracion gestionar contactos

Simple and functional form editor

Create professional forms in minutes with our drag & drop editor!

Recopila información adicional

Add the custom fields you want to collect additional information from your new contacts.
Get the name, gender, address, phone number… any information you need from your customers to improve the segmentation of your emails.

Responsive layouts

The forms you set up with our editor will automatically adapt to any device (mobile, computer or tablet) used by your subscribers.

Choose the right subscription form type

Select the type of subscription form that best suits your needs and convert your visitors into contacts

Formulario incrustado

Embedded Form

The HTML form that should not be missing in any type of page and that you can integrate anywhere on your website.

Formulario de suscripción popup

Popup Form

Launch a popup applying the behavior you want. You can activate it by timeout, when leaving the page or at a certain height of the page when scrolling.

Select one of our form templates

Select the template you want, and adapt it to your brand in a few minutes,
you can modify colors, fonts and text fields. You can also add the images you want to our file manager.
The form designs include associated email pages with your subscription process.

Plantillas de formularios

Decide how and when you want your forms to be displayed

Configure the behavior of your popups. How and when you want them to be seen.

Schedule and frequency

Set the date you want to publish your popup form and indicate the period in which you want to show it to the same user again if he/she has not subscribed.

Launch Mode

Choose how you want to display the popup. After a certain time has elapsed, when the user scrolls or display it before the user leaves the page.


Choose the pages on which you want your form to be displayed and select the devices (desktop, mobile, tablet) on which you want to display them.

Forms adapted to the GDPR

All forms are adapted to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union.
If you have confirmed that you operate within the European Community template forms will be shown with the «information layers» required by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  • Checkboxes to express agreement with the purpose of data processing
  • A legal text specifying the privacy policy and the data controller.

Customize the pages and emails associated with the subscription process

You can do it all from the same editor. Depending on whether you have activated double opt-in or not, you will be shown one subscription process or another and with it, the associated designs. In either case you can also customize the welcome email.

Flujo proceso suscripción doble opt-in
Flujo proceso suscripción single opt-in
Double Opt-In

Do you want to ensure the authenticity of your contacts and thus significantly improve your opening rate? Choose this option! You can create a Confirmation Email for new Subscribers to verify their email address,

More information
Flujo proceso suscripción doble opt-in

This is the simplest option. The process is simplified and it is not necessary to verify the email account. The user is automatically subscribed.

More information
Flujo proceso suscripción single opt-in