Digital Marketing Dictionary

What is remarketing?

If you have an online shop, your potential customers are going to browse the web, look through your catalogue to see what products they are interested in and buy them, right? The truth is that the sales funnel does not always work as expected, and the deal may not close. Some will decide at the last minute that they are not interested, others will look for similar alternatives from competitors, and they may even drop what they are doing to attend to other matters.

In each of these cases, the remarketing allows you to have a second chance. Thanks to cookiesyou can create dynamic ads with which you can re-engage your potential customers, putting back in front of their eyes that product or service they have shown interest in but have not yet purchased.

As you can imagine, spotting the interest and showing the exact product is going to help you significantly improve the conversion rate. In a way, remarketing enables everything an advertiser dreams of: accurately identifying the potential customer and targeting them with information that is relevant and of interest to them.

How does remarketing work?

As we have mentioned, the use of cookies is essential for remarketing campaigns to work. As users browse your website, a series of codes are inserted which, although they do not store or collect personal information, they do allow platforms such as Google Ads to know the route they have taken.

With these codes, which are also called pixels, Google AdWords can create lists of users or audiences on your website. Through their network of sites, which includes more than two million websites, they have access to more than 90% of Internet users. With this information, you only have to show visitors to your website pages related to their browsing.

However, some companies do not rely on banners and videos and go for email marketing. In this case, instead of retargeting with advertising, you will have to send emails with the product that users have seen and even incorporate similar recommendations to entice them to buy. Instead of using a mailing list, if the customer is registered you can link all the information.

What are the advantages of remarketing?

It will be much easier for you to understand the benefits of remarketing now that you know how it works. It seems quite clear that you will increase the effectiveness of your communication campaigns and, consequently, the ROI (return on investment), but there is much more.

  • It will improve your brand awareness. Suppose the visitors had found you through keywords in a search engine. If they see advertising with your brand again, they will retain the information better and you will be remembered.
  • Create impacts when your users are more willing to buy. Showing ads at the beginning of the month or on the eve of peak season will help you to pick up all those sales that were postponed.
  • Be more effective with other types of campaigns. One of the advantages of remarketing is the amount of information it gives you back. You can use your learning and optimize other, less targeted actions.

Remarketing strategies and types

Although we have already talked about Google AdWords and emailing, the truth is that, although less frequent, there are other types of remarketing. One example is social media. In this case, in addition to targeting and displaying ads to those who have visited your website, you can also target and display ads to those interested in your profile.

Another interesting use of email is to write back to customers who have abandoned their shopping cart. In this type of remarketing list you can remind them that they have not completed their purchase and even, after several days, offer them a temporary discount code to benefit from.

Search remarketing  is a less invasive tool. In this case, it will store all your potential customers’ information and, when they make a related search, it will display ads with the information they have already visited. It can also be related to mobile apps, YouTube videos, and more. Thanks to the effectiveness of this technique, more and more applications are appearing every day from which you can benefit.