Digital Marketing Dictionary

What is lead scoring?

If you don’t know what lead scoring is, it is possible that you are not yet taking full advantage of it in your marketing actions. Thanks to this technique you will be able to work better with your databases and be able to relate to your audience more effectively. We will explain below about what it consists of, its advantages and how to apply it in your business.

This is a method for sorting and managing databases. Through a scoring system, we evaluate the degree of interest of each registration in your product and how well their profile matches your buyer persona.In this way, you can create target groups with common interests and launch a marketing campaign adapted to the purchasing moment in which each one is.

For this marketing technique to be successful, it is very important that you spend some effort beforehand to define what you want your buyer to be like. A system that allows you to collect quality information about the level of interest that different potential customers have and other aspects that help you identify the phase in which they are in their purchase process is also essential. With this, you will have everything you need to make a good scoring of customers.

What are the advantages of lead scoring?

Through the qualification of leads, you will be able to plan marketing actions that allow you to communicate concepts in a much more precise way. When you are thinking about a specific emailing campaign or testing different landing pages, you can send it to that part of your database that is most likely to be successful. As a result, it will increase your interaction rate and overall effectiveness.

The methodology of the leading qualification helps you to classify profiles in the different phases of the sales funnel, which will also help you to be more relevant. Those in the information phase will not receive the same incentives as sales that have backed out at the last minute.

If you follow a lead nurturing strategy, you can also be more efficient. Thanks to the combination of precision and relevance, you will be able to nourish your database with the content it needs. This will help you to have a very strong brand and users more willing to become customers.

How many types of customer scoring are there?

Although there are several classifications within lead scoring marketing, we propose two: the one that explains what information you should take into account in your ratings and the one that takes into account how you have obtained the data.

In the first case you will find the one-dimensional scoring, which performs a rating of leads from 1 to 100, and the multidimensional. The latter creates objective parameters on a number of issues such as how close the record is to the ideal customer, their level of interaction with your brand on social networks, and so on.

In the second classification you will also find two categories. One is the explicit scoring, in which the user gives you the data as it is through a form, and the other is the implicit scoring, in which, on the contrary, you obtain the data by analyzing the behavior of each lead.

How should you classify leads?

To be able to classify users, it is important that you work side by side with the sales team. Define with them what the profile is and all the information necessary to identify potential customers. Then you will need to create a point system that values each lead information as it approaches your target customer.

To implement lead scoring successfully, in addition to taking into account the sales process of your products or services, you can also use the technology. You have systems that allow you to automatically collect and score information, and you can even use machine learning to optimize records implicitly.

The next step is to create different clusters and use them for your inbound marketing strategy, commercial or any other action that involves the use of databases. You should keep in mind that these lists are going to be dynamic. Depending on how users relate to you, it will change their score and rating.

The system itself will naturally indicate the steps to follow. As each user moves up or down the sales funnel, they will be receiving personalized information and communications. You will only have to worry about having a system that updates the information.

Now that you know what lead scoring is and how it can help you, you just have to practice it. Remember that, thanks to their help, you will become more precise in your actions with your database, you will only need a system with which to obtain quality information.