Digital Marketing Dictionary

What is deliverability?

Deliverability is a very important metric on which the success of our email marketing campaigns depends. It is the successful delivery of your emails to your recipients’ inbox.

It is important that users open the emails we send, but for that to happen, they have to receive them first, right? That’s why the main objective of deliverability is to prevent emails from ending up in the  spam folder or being bounced.

Can you imagine that after having invested creativity and effort in customizing and sending a newsletter it never reaches your recipients? Well, it’s quite likely, since approximately 25 percent of legitimate email never reaches the inboxes of its recipients.

Although the definition of deliverability is easy to understand (the chance an email has of reaching the recipients’ inbox successfully), there are some terms that it is often confused with:

Deliverability VS Inbox Placement

Actually, when we want to be more specific and refer to the number of messages that have been delivered only to the inbox, we should talk about Inbox Placement. In this way, we will be leaving out messages that have ended up in the spam and offers folder, for example.

Deliverability VS Delivery Rate

Deliverability is also not the same as delivery rate, which refers to the number of emails accepted, that is, they have been delivered without any bounce.

Want to know more about the types of bounces that exist and the differences between them? Learn more about hard bounce or soft bounce  and how it affects your campaigns.

Deliverability VS Opening Rate

Finally, deliverability should not be confused with the opening rate or, in other words, the proportion of emails that are opened by our recipients out of the total number of emails sent.

Why is it so important?

Poor deliverability affects the reputation of your email address. If your IP address is often marked as spam, it will end up in your contacts’ email server provider (ESP) blacklists. When this happens, messages are rejected and categorized as spam.

How to improve it?

There are several tips we can give you to improve the deliverability of your emails:

1. Take care of the quality of your emailing database

Technical aspects such as double opt-in will help you to send an email only to those who want to receive it.

2. Use an email marketing platform

Easymailing is one of the best email marketing tools you can use for your email campaigns.

3. Remove unsubscribers from your databases

Also remember that you must offer the Opt Out option in an easy and intuitive way in your messages.

4. Avoid spamming practices

As you have already read, they will only end up damaging the reputation of your domain or email address.

5. Use a recognizable sender and an attention-grabbing subject line.

This way you will also increase your opening rate.As you have seen, deliverability is one of the most important email marketing metrics and the success key of your campaigns.