Digital Marketing Dictionary

What is CTR (Click Through Rate)?

CTR (Click Through Rate) is a meter or indicator that helps us to know how the effectiveness of an online advertising campaign is going. Specifically, it refers to the number of clicks an ad gets compared to the number of impressions. In short, the percentage or click-through rate.

The CTR is obtained by dividing the number of users who clicked on a banner by the number of banner impressions shown, expressed as a percentage.

The CTR in search advertising campaigns varies but is now around 2% on average, but this is not an exact figure.

Where can I see the CTR statistics?

We must verify our web property in Google Search Console where CTR data and other data such as the number of impressions, average position or clicks obtained for the property in general appear.

Specifically, we must enter the Google Search Console Search Traffic area, go to Search Analytics and get to Pages and CTR.

Why use CTR?

It gives us a lot of information about our email marketing campaigns: the higher the CTR, the more clicks we will get and in less time. If it is too low, it is indicating that we have a problem and our users are not clicking.

  • Thus we can measure our marketing campaign and continue to apply the ones that give us the best email marketing results.
  • It helps to increase web traffic to your landing pages.
  • It shows the click-through rate of our ad to check that our target audience likes it.
  • Advertising becomes much more profitable.

Parameters to improve the CTR

Generally speaking, if the CTR is very low, it is indicating that there is a problem that prevents users from clicking: The offer is not attractive enough, the ad is not understood, we should change the words, the design is not attractive, there are visualization problems in different devices, it is not consistent with our buyer persona.

The best thing about it is that it allows you to change these parameters to obtain better results.

In order to improve the CTR rate of the ads, we must optimize them so that they arouse the interest of our target audience.

We must apply a different design that attracts, with colors, clear and short messages that catch the attention. With a direct message: “50% discount”, and addressed to the target user: “70% promotion on children’s footwear”.

In this case it is necessary to place Call To Action buttons or calls to action that engage the user to perform some action beyond reading the advertisement.“Ask for more information”, “contact now”, “get a 70% discount”.It all depends on each channel or media where our advertising appears. Thus, on certain platforms such as Google AdWords, the CTR will indicate different items. If the ads of the campaigns obtain higher CTR data than those of other competitors, the platform will give a better quality score to the keywords that manage to activate the ads, with a lower advertising cost.