Digital Marketing Dictionary

What is Content Curation?

Content curation, also known as content curation in Spanish, is used to offer relevant information on a specific topic of interest to our audience.

Unlike content marketing, in content curation we have not created the content ourselves. Instead of being the authors of such content, we are in charge of collecting it and making it available to our audience.

Therefore, content curation tools are used to search, compile, filter and select online information related to a particular topic. This information is generally found on the Internet, in places such as blogs, forums, social networks and websites with certain authority and prestige in the field.

What is content curation for?

This type of digital marketing technique brings great benefits to your email marketing campaigns and to your business in general. These are some of the main advantages of organizing and sharing relevant information on your website and social networks:

  1. Improve your visibility and your online presence and reputation.
    Content curation gives you the opportunity to present yourself as a reliable source of knowledge in a certain area or niche.
  2. It’s good for SEO
    As you are sharing information about current topics and relevant to your audience. This method can help you appear in Google’s top results. In addition, it will undoubtedly serve to bring quality traffic to your website.
  3. It helps you connect.
    You’ll be able to break into niches or groups you didn’t have access to before. This exclusivity also serves to enhance your brand recognition.
  4. Generate potential customers.
    This type of marketing undoubtedly improves the image and authority of your brand.Being at the forefront of the latest trends will generate visibility
     and above all trust, allowing you to start a relationship with your readers while adding value in an altruistic way.

Examples of content curation

Here are some examples of content curation that you can start applying in your digital marketing strategy:

  1. Aggregation
    Share all the most relevant information about a topic in a specific place.
  2. Chronology
    Shows the historical and time evolution of the same topic of interest to your audience.
  3. Distillation
    Simplify information and share only the most relevant or important ideas of a current topic.
  4. Mixing
    Adds value by generating a new point of view through the mixing of different content..
  5. Elevation
    Analyzes small pieces of information, such as tweets, and identifies new trends.

Content curation tools

Gathering valuable information is an arduous task. That’s why it’s best to use the following tools for content curation:

  1. Feedly:
    This is a popular and free RSS  feed reader . You can organize the blogs you follow and create alerts for free.
  2. Buzzsumo:
    this monitoring tool helps you discover the most shared content on social networks according to country and type of content, as well as identify influencers in a niche.
  3. Buffer:
    broadcasting tool, it is very useful for sharing content that has already been curated. You can link it to your social networks and schedule your posts. 
  4. Evernote:
    This application works as an agenda where you can compile your ideas and contents. You can always carry it with you on your computer and on your smartphone.
    The old StumbleUpon page has changed its name, but still fulfills the same mission: to offer information on various topics of interest. You just have to classify the pages it offers according to your needs.
    The digital tool that allows you to create your own newspaper. You can select the news sources you are most interested in and share the URL of your newspaper with whomever you want.
  7. Pinterest:
    This social network is also ideal for content curation. You can “pin” images of the same theme on virtual boards as well as subscribe to other profiles and boards to stay up to date.
  8. Curata:
    This software is used to save quality content, analyze it and publish it directly. The advantage is that it also has a mobile application.

Remember that you can also complement these programs with email marketing tools such as Easymailing.