Welcome email sequence


Did you know that welcome emails work better than any other type of
email? These emails offer a click-through rate up to five times higher than other
emails and an average opening rate of 57.8%, much higher than the usual 14.6%.

This type of communication is so important that its success will determine whether your subscribers will
open the rest of your emails. It is the first impression they get of your business and where
you receive all the attention of your new contacts. Don’t miss out!

Don’t just say thank you in your welcome emails and use this moment to connect
with your subscribers, promote your products and offer a discount. This way,
you’ll be building a solid relationship and adding value from the start.

Here is an example of the emailing flow of a welcome email series:

Flujo secuencia de emails de bienvenida


This automation is triggered when a contact subscribes to a form, so you must create one beforehand in your audience.
Want to know how to create a form?

How to create a welcome email sequence?

  1. Create a new scenario, give it a title such as “Welcome Series” and select the audience you are going to work with.
  2. Select  Contact Activity > Completed Form as a trigger
    You must have a subscription form posted in your audience.
    Want to know how to create a form?
  3. Add as a first step an “Email” to welcome new subscribers. Add an internal title to identify the campaign in the next steps, and complete the rest of the fields.
    Show what products or services they can expect from your brand.
  4. Now, add “Wait” to give subscribers some time to open the first email.
  5. Then add a second “Email” that includes more details about your product or service.
  6. Add another “Wait” and give your subscribers time to open and read the second email.
  7. Now add a “Condition” to verify who opened the second email.
    This is where the workflow will split into 2 paths. You can send subscribers who opened the email to one route and subscribers who did not open the email to the other.
    Select any type of operator (in this case it doesn’t matter “All” or “Any” as only one condition needs to be met). Select Campaign activity > Opened > Second e-mail
  8. In the “Thumb up (YES)” node add “Email”.
    If the second email was opened, you can send a third email with exclusive content to showcase your brand value.
  9. In the “Thumbs down (NO)” node, select a new “Email”.
    If the second email was not opened, resend it with a new subject line.
  10. Add a “Wait” in the “Thumbs down (NO)” path to give your subscribers more time to open the latest email.
  11. Immediately after, add a new “Email” with the same exclusive content you sent in the “Thumbs Up (YES)” path.
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