Abandoned cart email sequence


This email sequence is designed to reclaim those customers who have abandoned their shopping cart without completing the purchase. Offering a small incentive or simply reminding them of what they left behind can be crucial in converting those lost sales.

The best strategy is to act quickly and provide an easy path back to finalize the purchase. Additionally, this flow can help you understand the reasons why customers abandon their carts, thus improving the shopping experience.

This is how we created this sequence using the Easymailing automation tool:


To carry out this automation, it’s essential to have your e-commerce store integrated with Easymailing

How to create an abandoned cart automation?

  1. Activation:
    – The abandoned cart automation sequence is triggered when a contact abandons a cart. It’s crucial to have abandoned cart tracking set up in your online store.
    – You might consider a time window for the trigger, for instance, 30 minutes after the cart has been abandoned.
  2. First Email:
    – Create a new scenario, give it a title, e.g., “Cart Recovery,” and select the relevant audience.
    – Choose “Purchase Activity > Abandoned Cart” as the trigger.
    – Add a reminder “email” with a friendly tone, displaying the abandoned items and a clear link back to the cart.
  3. Second Email (Optional):
    – If the cart remains abandoned after a specific time, say, 24 hours, send a second email.
    – Offer an incentive like a discount or free shipping to encourage the purchase. Highlight the offer in the email’s subject and preheader.
  4. Analysis and Improvement:
    – Review the campaign metrics to understand the impact and find areas for improvement. The collected data can help optimize future automation sequences.
    – With Easymailing, recovering abandoned carts is a straightforward yet powerful process to improve conversions and gain valuable insights from your customers.

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