Reports an statistics

Reports and statistics. Analyze the metrics of your email marketing campaigns and improve results

Easymailing helps you control all the variables involved in your campaign to achieve maximum impact. Get the most out of your e-mail marketing actions thanks to our powerful control panel.
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Detailed analysis

What cannot be measured cannot be improved. Learn how to interpret your campaign metrics to make the best strategic decisions.

Click, open, rebound and unsubscribe

Find out at a glance how many people have opened your email, how many have clicked through, how many bounces you have had and how many addresses have unsubscribed from your list.

24-hour analysis

Graph of the performance of your campaign throughout the day: openings and number of clicks.  Find out when the most activity spikes occur and how responsive your message is.

Device, email client and domain name

Knowing which email manager your contact works with will help you improve your delivery rate. Find out what device your messages are reaching and take this into account when designing your template.


From where and in what language was your email opened?  Find out the location of your contacts and impact them wherever they are.

Click Maps

Find out which are the points in your newsletter or email where users click the most.  This will be useful when planning your design.


Test various strategies and compare results. All your past campaigns are stored for your reference. Check what works and what doesn’t and take note of them for your next emailing.

Detailed reports in pdf and excel

Detailed, drill-down data in one click, ready to print and store. You will be able to keep a record of all your metrics and campaigns. This is useful for presenting results to companies or as documentation for your files and future projects.

Subscriber activity

Analyze the history of each subscriber: what interactions they have had, what emails they have received, whether they have registered or unsubscribed. Qualify their address or delete it from your database. A qualified database is the best asset we can have for our campaigns.

Report of casualties and allegations of abuse

List of contacts that have been deleted from your list. Monitoring how many people have decided to unsubscribe tells us what actions we may be failing to take. You will also be able to read the reason for the cancellation and check if you have committed any abuse.