Anti-spam policy

Easymailing considers as SPAM (Spam) any commercial email sent without the recipient’s permission. A commercial email is any email whose primary purpose is to advertise or promote a product or service.

We have zero tolerance against SPAM in order to protect our client’s reputation and delivery rate.

Easymailing Clients

Clients’ monitoring and verification

For a correct use of the service and to guarantee the fulfillment of our Anti Spam Policy we monitor the activities of our clients. We also verify new clients in order to prevent them from using our service to send unsolicited emailing, as these actions damage our reputation and the reputation of other companies that use our service. Another reason for monitoring the use of our platform is to continue to maintain good authority with Internet service providers and major blacklists.

Therefore, we may take some time to approve an account before allowing use of our service, and suspend or terminate an account if it violates our spam policy or the terms and conditions of use of the platform.

Procedures for determining whether you have sent spam:

  • Review of the message content.
  • Review the list of subscribers in case they have been collected, purchased or rented.
  • Supervision of all complaints of abuse reports.
  • Review and verification of customer registration data.
  • Verification of belonging to blacklists.
  • High bounce rate.
  • Complaints of abuse.

Rules for use of the service

The following is prohibited:

  • Buy or rent third party databases.
  • Collect emails from websites.
  • Sending messages that are not related to the interests for which subscribers signed up.
  • Add an email to an audience without subscriber permission.
  • Send an email to someone who has requested to be removed from your audience.
  • Multi-level marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Emails that violate the CAN-SPAM Act or any other anti-spam law
  • Campaigns offering sales of illegal goods or services

It is allowed to:

  • Send communications to recipients subscribed to the web form with double opt-in.
  • Send communications to recipients who have given their consent via checkbox. This checkbox should not be checked by default, the person completing the form should give explicit consent to receive communications.
  • Send any other communication that has been specifically requested (transactional emails, password reminder, order confirmation, etc…).
  • Off-line forms, such as surveys or contests. You could only contact them if they were told that they would contact you by email, and if they checked a box indicating that they wish to be contacted.

Account Suspension

We reserve the right to suspend your account immediately and begin investigating your activity if your campaigns have a high percentage of spam complaints (more than 0.2%), bounces (more than 5%), unsubscribes (more than 1%) or a very small opening rate (less than 3%). If it turns out you were sending emails without permission, we will cancel your account. We may ask you to prove that you have the permission of your recipients; if the permission is demonstrated, we will activate your account and you will be able to use the service normally again.

Refund Policy

In the event that your Easymailing account is suspended due to a breach of this Anti-Spam Policy or any of the terms and conditions of use, the payment of the subscription or contracted service will not be refunded.

Easymailing email recipients

Information about spam

The Easymailing team monitors our clients’ activities to ensure full compliance with our Terms and Conditions. If you receive an unsolicited email, please contact us by filling out the form at or in our support chat.

Your information will help us verify possible non-compliance with our anti-spam and good use policies.

Easymailing Spam Policy 

  • Easymailing users are obliged to comply with our anti-spam policy. In the event that any Easymailing user is sending spam, their account will be suspended immediately and an investigation will be opened by our team.
  • Easymailing is not responsible for the data imported into the system by the platform users, and we are not authorized to disclose or modify the data stored on our servers.
  • All Easymailing users must upload their own list in accordance with current legislation.


By clicking on the UNSUBSCRIBE button, you will be automatically removed from the list and receive an email confirmation. If the unsubscribe link does not work properly, please inform us immediately by filling out the form at  or in our support chat. The absence or concealment of the unsubscribe link is a violation of our Terms and Conditions of Use.